Design, game elements and history of Gold Fish

Design, game elements and history of Gold Fish

Aquariums are found in the homes of animal lovers, probably from all over the world. Watching fish swimming among green plants is a very soothing activity, useful in every way. Those who cannot afford to install an aquarium use a screensaver on a computer screen that mimics a piece of the underwater world. Is it any wonder that the developers from the WMS Gaming company devoted this hobby to the free Gold Fish slot machine? And here is our Gold Fish review.

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        3 per line

WMS Gaming Gold Fish slot is presented in the style of a luxurious aquarium. It is always pleasant to watch the inhabitants of the underwater world: it inspires peace and harmony, calms nerves, and sets you up for a peace-loving mood. Not for nothing that many offices have aquariums: wise employers are aware of the beneficial effects of contemplating aquarium fish on the mood of employees and visitors.

What can we say about the charm of the seabed? All the beauty of the underwater world is presented there in its original form. Therefore, divers from all over the world dive into the depths of the sea. They can enjoy the beauty of the water kingdom.

Submerge in water and have fun surrounded by representatives of marine fauna – that is the offer from a Gold Fish slot machine. The inhabitants of the underwater world gathered in the game to share the treasures of sunken ships. The main heroine of the Gold Fish slot will fulfill the most gambling desires of the players, and the rest of the Fish, the turtle, and the crab will help her with this.

The background is a picture of the life of the inhabitants of the underwater world. The color scheme accurately reproduces the freshness of seawater. From time to time, Fish may swim in the background (they can also be seen in the cells of the reels): the animation effects from the first minute of “immersion” in the game delight users. Frolicking goldfish looks great in winning combinations. However, active animation is limited to this.

On the playing field, you can see a real underwater kingdom loved by gambling users, as convinced by the well-known slot machine Dolphins Pearl Deluxe, which has become a leader in this field. You’ll find Fish of various colors, crab, turtle, there was a place for corals and algae, food for Fish, and a net was stocked. Symbols are drawn in detail, bright and pleasant colors are chosen for their design: the picture of the screen pleases the eye. The control field of the machine looks original. The main buttons are located at the bottom of the screen – on the “sea” background. They resemble sand in color.

The chip in the design of the slot is the control panel options that you can choose -there are small buttons with pop-up inscriptions on the bottom for this. The classic panel and the Quick Bet Panel allow you to adjust the amount put on the game in different ways. The classic version is traditional. But the Quick Bid Panel is creative. The function of some buttons is unusual. You need to make a bet in the game by moving the indicator on a scale with the size of the bets. Alternatively, the same can be done by clicking on +/- at the beginning and end of the scale. And the minimum / maximum bid can be determined using the buttons with the corresponding inscriptions MIN/MAX. The game starts by pressing the START button under the number-size of the selected bet. In two versions of the panel, the main start button is active. It is located at the bottom left and stood out in large size.

The traditional place on the control panel is occupied by a button that opens the payout table: you can recognize it by an understandable symbol. Next to it is an auto game launch button. There are several buttons above the playing field to manage the functions of the game. You can enable/disable sound, use the online help, as well as adjust the properties of auto-play, set limits for the balance, and results of a single game.


The visual characteristics of the presented online slot are made at the highest level. The manufacturer managed to show imagination, and the picture, as a result, pleases with composition, brightness, and quality. The location in the game is a pond where all kinds of fish live. Against this background, all game events will unfold.

If you want to play Gold Fish, you should know, the field for the game consists of 5 reels and 20 fixed active lines. Since the field structure is standard, it will not be difficult for a single player to get acquainted with it. As for the parameter management, it is carried out using the keys in the bottom panel of the slot. Such a control panel will serve as an ideal tool to tailor all possible settings individually to your requirements. Among other things, on this panel, there are counters of basic values ​​and a button to go to the payment plate. In such a table, all the symbols available in the gaming machine are painted. Also, their coefficients are.

Half of the characters in Gold Fish game are Fish, and the other half are card suits. Each sign is drawn very carefully and merges into the overall visual composition. The coefficients mentioned above allow you to generate rewards by multiplying with the current rate indicator. Each symbol has several such factors. Among the variety of pictures on the reels, you can see a wild symbol.

He cannot build his matches, but he can become part of almost all other combinations. Such functionality makes the wild sign as attractive as possible for each user. The scatter symbol is also present in this exciting game.

Gold Fish Game Brief Description

Gold Fish has 25 constantly active pay lines. Therefore, the gameplay begins by choosing the size of the bet per line. The minimum bar is 0.01. The maximum bet threshold is 0.04. In any rotation, ten linear bets are removed per round – this is a bet on bonus rounds. Therefore, the maximum amount can be put 105.00.

To stay informed, you can open pay tables – here is the detailed information about the game. You can start the game in automatic mode. Its parameters can be adjusted:

  • Choose the desired number of Gold Fish free spins;
  • Choose duration (in minutes);
  • Choose a bet, after which you need to stop the rounds.

According to the same principle, balance and winnings are regulated: the acceptable threshold for reducing the balance/win ceiling is indicated. It is convenient to start the reels in a single manual mode and follow the combinations on the screen. For each winning combination, the highest win is paid. Payments on the lines pass through adjacent reels from left to right. All payments are multiplied by the total bet on the lines. Winnings on several lines are added up. Every gamer will be able to figure this out because the bets are executed in virtual credits, which allows you to play for free on the slot.

A gold Fish mobile casino app has several bonus games. If three jars of food are displayed on the screen, the Fish Food round begins. You need to choose those that will determine the winner from the cans displayed on the screen. Its amount depends on how many identical labels will be, and what they are. The Gold Fish round can begin at any time in the game. Its essence is to “catch” Fish in the aquarium that appears on the screen. As a gain, multipliers, free spins, and incredible amounts are offered – depending on which Fish you can catch.

Bonus Games in Gold Fish

Bonus Games in Gold Fish

You might be wondering how to win Gold Fish. It, as always, works without reference to combinations and can activate free spins. The duration of free spins depends on the number of scatters that activated them. Before free spins start, the player needs to select from 3 to 5 items from 18 available. Such items will hide additional bonuses: activation of the x2 multiplier, several additional free spins, 1-2 additional wilds in each rotation, a sticky stick of wild symbols, turning various Fish into wild symbols, turning Fish into stacks. All of these bonuses are incredibly profitable and are largely reflected in the effectiveness of the entire gaming action.

We will discuss the bonus rounds of the Gold Fish video slot.

  • Fish Food – you need to choose jars of food to find out what kind of win is due to you. The amount of payment depends on the number and type of identical pictures that you can find. There may be an extra step in this round.
  • Gold Fish – this round can begin in any of the spins, regardless of the symbols that appeared on the reels. A round aquarium will appear on the screen, into which the Fish will jump. The game has several varieties that trigger Fish of individual colors.
  • We will not describe all the versions, because you can easily understand what needs to be done in each of them. We will only say that prizes can be cash payments, additional multipliers, and free spins with special features.

Gold Fish Slot Machine Real Money Description Summary

Use our Gold Fish tips to always stay on top. The Gold Fish slot machine has a pleasant mood, creative design approach, convenient and understandable functionality. Distinctive features of this slot are:

  1. The ability to control the parameters of the game functions;
  2. The presence of several options for the bonus game;
  3. The presence of special characters: wild and bonus;
  4. Activity of all lines;
  5. The high percentage of return.

WMS Gaming Gold Fish online slot machine is a very bright option. The underwater world is getting closer – it is on the screen of your computer because all the slot machines from our collection are available without registration for educational purposes.

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